Keeping your computer in top-notch shape requires some specialized software that can identify and fix existing problems and also take precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of some of those issues.

Used by more than 150 million users,Advanced SystemCare aims to fulfill the needs of users who need to have their systems optimized and running as fast as possible. This application is not only supposed to help fix Windows problems, but also to tweak the existing settings so that the operating system can load and work a lot quicker.

When installing this utility, you need to pay extra attention because the third-party software included in the setup may change the settings of your Internet browser. Once you get past this step, you will meet an eye-candy interface with modern elements that will guide you through the whole fixing and optimizing process.

The main window provides access to the main functions of the application, so that you can immediately initiate a 'Quick Care', a 'Deep Care', start a so-called 'Turbo Boost' or enter the Toolbox.

The two 'Care' parts have the power to heal your computer completely, but it's recommended to go for the more thorough one in order to spot any issue that might exist. Both of them run pretty fast, without putting a lot of stress on system resources, as we found out during our tests.

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Clicking the 'Toolbox' icon will open a whole new dimension, as it holds modules for cleaning, optimizing and repairing Windows issues. Of course, each of them comes with a short description, so the user will definitely know what every function is all about.

Because power users will probably want to give their very own personal touch to the application, there's also a settings menu with all kinds of options, including one that concerns the overall look. Advanced SystemCare comes with theme support, and beside the ones already included in the app, you can also find more online.

All in all, Advanced SystemCare is a great helper if there's something wrong with your machine. It will find all the performance issues and fix them in a few moments, but make sure to perform regular scans if you want to keep the system firing on all cylinders at all times.

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* Brand New User Interface for Easier and Simpler Use
* New Surfing Protection Technology for TOP Online Security and Safer Online Environment
* New Performance Monitoring Technology as an Add-On for More Comprehensive and     Efficient Optimization
* New Generation Technology for Much Lighter Installation Package Yet More Powerful Functions
* New Internet Boost Technology for Faster and Smoother Online Experience
* New Generation Super Engine for Disk Defragment to make scan and optimization much faster
* More Secure, Stable, Smart and Reliable Performance Gives You Peace of Mind
* Improved Active Optimize Function for Smarter Real-time Optimization
* Improved Toolbox for Daily PC Maintenance
* Improved Turbo Boost Function for More Efficient Working and Superb Gaming Experience
* Enhanced Registry Fix and Vulnerability Scanning Technology Ensures More Effective Performance

To download the installer file please click on the below image.

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